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My Background
At Villanova University, I began as an accounting major, but then pursued an M.B.A. in marketing because I was looking for a field that welcomed a little more creativity. I developed some of my most useful work skills during my college years while serving as a reporter, editor, and editor-in-chief of The Villanovan newspaper. 

After graduation, I worked for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company for a decade in marketing research and product management.  Since I worked for the corporation's international division, I was treated to a few spins around the globe, most often landing in the Asia Pacific region or Europe. This long-term experience managing global brands makes thinking strategically about consumers and the marketplace second nature to me.

In 2000, I began my own consulting business, Wordsmith Productions, and have focused on marketing strategy and communications projects. Though I'm proficient at a wide range of copywriting and have tackled a variety of assignments (including photoshoots for a client's recipe book in my home kitchen), my sweet spot is applying my writing, editing, and strategy skills to content marketing and corporate communications work. 

More recently, I have managed to satisfy my above-average curiosity about people's life stories by establishing my own personal history company, Personal Chronicles. I have always believed that real life is far more interesting than fiction, so I'm thrilled to help preserve the stories of ordinary people for future generations. Plus it's a fantastic chance to exercise my journalistic and interviewing skills.             

I'm proud to say that my articles and essays have been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer and other regional publications. Clips of my published work are available on my Pressfolios page. You may also want to have a look at my PhilaPAChronicles blog, which I created to explore some of the subjects that have always held great fascination for me–the people, places, and events that left their marks on the Philadelphia region during the 20th century.

My detailed work history is available at LinkedIn

Writer who understands marketing. I blend the talents of a wordsmith with the keen insights of a marketer. I view any corporate writing assignment through the prism of marketing strategy–my mind can't think any other way.​

Skilled at non-promotional writing. Striking a tone that doesn't give a hard sell helps to build confidence in your brands. My years working for a business that could not directly advertise to consumers made me adept at producing information-rich content designed to build relationships. 

Certified SEO copywriter. I obtained my certification through the only industry-endorsed training program for SEO copywriting best practices. Committed to continuous learning, I participate in SEO Content Institute training sessions that help me stay current with the latest Google updates.

Creative thinker. Thanks to my experience as a brand manager, I'm practiced at finding new ways to engage customers. My analytic skills mean I'll be strategic about what I create for your audience. I can help you brainstorm new ideas for content that will help develop trust in your brands.

First-class from the first draft. I always deliver the highest caliber of work to my clients. My goal will always be to exceed your expectations, even if they are monstrously high. In my book, on-time or early are the only acceptable responses to a deadline.​

My Qualifications