Joanne C. McHugh   Freelance Writer, Editor, and Brand Strategist
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Editing Services
Substantive Editing
Having been a practicing writer for  more than 20 years, I can ensure that copy accurately communicates meaning and is a smooth read.

​Substantive edits:
  • Ensure clarity, coherence, and readability
  • Check for flow in sentences and paragraphs
  • Eliminate wordiness, repetition and awkward phrasing
  • Check a piece's structure for logic and optimal organization
Copy Editing
A sworn member of the grammar and punctuation police, I can provide top-notch linguistic quality control.

​Copy edits:
  • Check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage
  • Correct errors and inconsistencies
  • Ensure internal consistency of facts
  • Ensure adherence to style standards
With a sixth sense for proofreading, I can spot typos and inconsistent font sizes at 100 paces.

  • Ensures that typeset copy is an exact match to approved copy
  • Serves as a final check for indisputable errors

Medical Editing
Having worked for Big Pharma, I am well-versed in ensuring that copy meets regulatory and legal standards.

​Medical edits:
  • Fact-check to ensure that copy matches approved medical claims
  • Ensure that copy is adequately supported by references
  • Ensure adherence to American Medical Association (AMA) style